The Board of Visitors for the UW–Madison Arboretum serves as an external advisory body to the Arboretum Director. The Board of Visitors provides advice and counsel to the Director on matters for which an external perspective is critical; establishes links between the Arboretum and allied public and private agencies; advises on programs and projects that enhance discovery and quality of life and are true to the Wisconsin Idea, which extends the reach of the University to the State and beyond; forms an advocacy network for the Arboretum; and advises and assists in major fund raising efforts and provides financial oversight and review.

The Arboretum Director appoints the Board of Visitors members, with recommendations from the Dean of the Graduate School, the Arboretum Committee, the University of Wisconsin Foundation, Wisconsin Alumni Association, current and past members of the Board of Visitors, and Arboretum Staff, among others.

Members shall be selected on the basis of their recognized leadership, their expertise and professional experience, their willingness to devote valuable time, and their interest in the Arboretum and its programs.

Board of Visitors

Mary Murrell, president
Margarete Harvey
Sue Moss
Deborah Still