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Photo of Karen Oberhauser, UW–Madison Arboretum director

Director's Note, December 2020 Arboretum News

“These are hard times.” We hear this often. It is certainly true that COVID-19 continues to be a significant problem in the United States, and Wisconsin continues to be one…

Purple giant hyssop seedheads

Gardening with Native Plants: Winter Reading Arboretum News

December brings short days, low sun angles, early winter ice, and snow—and few gardening tasks. We are preparing for snow removal, trimming along paths, harvesting seeds that have not dispersed…

Cross-country skiers at the UW–Madison Arboretum (Photo: Jeff Miller/UW Communications)

Ski and Snowshoe Trail Information, 2020–21 Arboretum News

The Arboretum is prepared for snow! For visitors, that means a season of skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking. Winter hiking is permitted on all 17 miles of Arboretum trails unless…