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Tu Agua Project Builds on WATER Project’s Community Engagement Framework Arboretum News

Situated near the low point of the Lake Wingra watershed, the Arboretum receives millions of gallons of stormwater each year from surrounding neighborhoods and commercial areas. Challenges include erosion, impacts…

A group of people sitting on a large hill in early spring. The hill is densely covered in short, brown prairie plants with new growth just starting to peek through.

Arboretum Restoration Team Leader Program Serves as a Model for Participatory Leadership Arboretum News

For more than three decades, the Arboretum’s drop-in restoration work parties have engaged hundreds of community volunteers each year in restoring and caring for Arboretum land. During these Saturday morning…

Art on View: Driftless Prairie Visions Arboretum News

“Driftless Prairie Visions,” a multimedia exhibit by the five-artist group Prairie Imaginarium, will be on view in the Arboretum Visitor Center in May and June.

The multimedia exhibit “Driftless Prairie…