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Wild rose

Gardening with Native Plants: Summer Begins Arboretum News

Long day length, warm spring temperatures, and the first day of summer are among the highlights of gardening in June. This month brings exuberant plant growth, flowering, nesting birds, seedlings,…


Outdoor Events Resume with New Nature Spaces for Learning and Exploration Arboretum News

In-person educational events resume outdoors beginning in June, with some precautions in place. In addition, we are excited to announce two new educational spaces for nature-based enjoyment and learning.…

Hand holding several jumping worms (Amynthas species)

What’s with These Invasive “Crazy” Worms and Why Can’t We Get Rid of Them? In the Media

Tiny, wriggling horrors are hatching right now, under our feet, across the country.

No, not the billions of Brood X cicadas emerging throughout the eastern US. I’m talking…