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What’s SPRUNG at the Arboretum? Arboretum News

Seemingly overnight, about a dozen creations have appeared in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens. Six-legged creatures, an alien ship, emoji that have burst their technological constraints, forms that glow from within, and …

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Joy Zedler and Cal DeWitt discuss the past, present and future at Waubesa Wetland, south of Madison. Photo: David Tenenbaum

Town of Dunn Award Highlights UW Role in Local Land Ethic In the Media

“It’s suitable that a talk with two of Wisconsin’s most prominent wetland biologists should occur in a wetland located just south of Madison. On a raised path through Waubesa Wetland, …

Rusty-patched bumble bee. Photo © Clay Bolt

Photographer's Crusade to Save a Bumble Bee Leads to Wisconsin In the Media

In 2011, we learned that a rare bumble bee species, Bombus affinis, or the rusty-patched bumble bee, was foraging at the Arboretum. Since that discovery, our native plant gardener, Susan …

Virginia bluebells in Gallistel Woods

What's in Bloom? Arboretum News

This is a selective list of popular blooming plants in the native plant garden (NPG), horticultural gardens (LHG), and woodlands, prairies, savannas, and wetlands. Native plants generally bloom in the garden earlier …