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Greene Prairie Naturalists’ Notes

The weather this afternoon was almost tropical, 91 degrees, sunny and steamy. However, the south wind and no mosquitoes or ticks made it bearable for eight visitors, six of them regulars. …

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The invasive

Research Update: Jumping Worms and Sleeping Cocoons Arboretum News

The embrace of warm spring weather has many people asking about the “jumping worms” (Amynthas species) that were found inhabiting the Arboretum in fall 2013.

All earthworms found in Wisconsin …

Monarch on sweet black-eyed Susan (Photo: Susan Carpenter)

Gardening with Native Plants: Supporting Monarch Populations Arboretum News

This month’s long days bring the transition from spring into summer. Our native plant garden activities include planting, weeding, edging, mulching, and mowing. We are also monitoring bumble bees and …

Wild geranium in Gallistel Woods

Late Woodland Wildflowers Naturalists’ Notes


It is amazing what a difference two weeks can make in the Wisconsin springtime. Just a couple of weeks ago, we observed a variety of blooming ephemeral flowers in …