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Four people planting a terrace rain garden at Neighborhood House

Protecting Lake Wingra Calls for Collaboration Arboretum News

As the saying goes, “it takes a village” to be truly ready for the next big rainstorm. At least, that’s how the Arboretum sees it. Most of the Arboretum’s 1,200…

Arboretum Visitor Center in July with blooming native plants

Dedicated Volunteers Return in Key Roles this Fall Arboretum News

As UW–Madison prepares to reopen campus and resume in-person classes and activities, Arboretum staff and volunteers are resuming a regular schedule of Saturday restoration work parties, along with other public…

Rain garden in the Native Plant Garden. Photo: Susan Day

Gardening with Native Plants: Rain Gardens in Drought Arboretum News

In September, the garden usually experiences cooler high and low daily temperatures and decreasing rainfall compared to the summer months. Plant growth slows and some species enter dormancy. Fall-blooming species…