Mary-Claire Glasenhardt and Isaac Bailey

Mary-Claire Glasenhardt and Isaac Bailey resurveying Curtis Prairie

Feature story

Curtis Prairie: A Restoration Gem Arboretum News

The science of restoration ecology traces its beginning to the UW–Madison Arboretum with the first attempt to turn an abandoned field into a tallgrass prairie. That experiment is now known…

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Arboretum Visitor Center in July with blooming native plants

Welcome Assistant Director Joseph Halaas Arboretum News

The Arboretum is pleased to welcome Joseph Halaas as the new assistant director. Joseph joins the Arboretum from the Wisconsin School of Business, where he served as the Director of…

Compass plant (Silphium laciniatum)

Gardening with Native Plants: Silphiums in Bloom Arboretum News

July is the peak of summer, reaching the highest average temperatures of the year toward the end of the month. Plants in the prairie, savanna, and wetland gardens reach full…

Hand holding several jumping worms (Amynthas species)

Most of Wisconsin has no native earthworms. What's with that? In the Media

Plenty of Wisconsin gardeners are suffering from worm confusion.

Alarms sounded a few years ago about invasive jumping worms, ramping up the anxiety for a pastime meant to enjoy and…