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Toothwort blooming in Gallistel Woods

Gardening with Native Plants: At the Root Arboretum News

Even during a cool spring like this one (at this writing), May brings a flush of growth – stems, leaves, flowers – especially in the woodland herbaceous layer and on savanna…

Crabapple trees in bloom in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens

Longenecker Lawns: More than Grass Arboretum News

While the trees and shrubs draw people’s attention in the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens living collections, the green expanse of lawn sets them off. These lawns also provide easy access through…

Art on View: Raptor Love Arboretum News

“Raptor Love,” an exhibit of photography by Jim Stewart, will be on view in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery in May and June.

Stewart uses photography “as a means to better…