Rusty-patched bumble bee on Culver's-root

Rusty-patched bumble bee on Culver's-root

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How to Protect Our Disappearing Bumble Bees In the Media

“On March 21, the rusty-patched bumble bee, Bombus affinis, officially became the first bumble bee listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act. This designation recognizes this important pollinator’s precarious position …

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Rusty-patched bumble bee on Culver's-root

Endangered Bumble Bee Gets Help from Citizen Scientists In the Media

The rusty-patched bumble bee (Bombus affinis) was officially listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act on Tuesday, March 21. Citizen science projects contributed high quality data to the species …

Prescribed prairie burn

Spring Is Prescribed Fire Season for UW–Madison Prairies Arboretum News

The smoke floating above the University of Wisconsin Arboretum today signals that the prescribed fire season is underway at the Arboretum and Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

Both the Arboretum and the Preserve manage …

A group of grazing white-tail deer cross an Arboretum trail and head into the woods. (Photo: Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Citizen observations help inform Arboretum’s annual account of spring In the Media

“Lately, Madison residents are taking advantage of record-setting high temperatures to bike, run, and lounge outside, well before the anticipated end of the long Wisconsin winter. It’s clear that we humans …