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Cross-country skiers at the UW–Madison Arboretum (Photo: Jeff Miller/UW Communications)

Ski and Snowshoe Trail Information, 2021–22 Arboretum News

The Arboretum is prepared for snow! For visitors, that means a season of skiing, snowshoeing, and winter hiking. The trail system includes footpaths, boardwalks, and fire lanes. We recommend sturdy,…

A honeybee visits a lilac blooming in October

Mid-October’s high temperatures come with a consequence for lilacs and other plants In the Media

While Madison’s residents soaked up the above-average October temperatures, the heat has given some plants mixed signals. Instead of entering dormancy for the winter, some species have begun to rebloom.…

Monarch on native prairie thistle

From Minnesota to Mexico: How do monarchs know where and when to go? In the Media

Monarch butterflies, Minnesota’s official state butterfly, spend their summer throughout the Midwest and migrate to Mexico in the fall to avoid the freezing winters.

By now, most have already embarked…