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Eastern Screech Owl, by Isabelle.

Art on View: Summer Camp Children’s Art

Children’s summer camp art shines in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery during September and October.

Sunflower, by Adonaiah

Summer campers at Earth Focus Day Camp 2015 made observations about the …

A CCC crew prepares part of what is now Curtis Prairie for planting.

The CCC and the Arboretum Naturalists’ Notes

In light of this month’s 80th anniversary of the Civilian Conservation Corps’ (CCC) arrival at the UW–Madison Arboretum, Sunday’s public walk was devoted to the history of the CCC 2670th …

American groundnut

Wingra Oak Savanna and Monroe Street Environs Naturalists’ Notes

I enjoy all tours I lead at the Arboretum, but I take particular delight in this one because I come at it from so many different angles: naturalist, guide, neighbor, …