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Citizen Science Monitoring Program, Journey North, Finds a Home at the Arboretum In the Media

Spring might officially be more than a month away, but for some animals making a trek back north after wintering in the south, the spring migration has already begun. And …

Photo of Karen Oberhauser, UW–Madison Arboretum director

Arboretum Citizen Science: Commitment and Growth Arboretum News

Director’s Note

When she was three, my daughter asked, “What does science mean?” I probably answered with something like: “it’s how we understand how the world works.” Luckily, our yard …

Jessica Ross and Nancy Sheehan

New Citizen Science Staff Arboretum News

The Arboretum has added two staff members to the research program in the last six months. Jessica Ross started as the citizen science coordinator in mid-September after spending several years …