Volunteers use binoculars to search for dragonflies.

Volunteers search for dragonflies at the Arboretum’s Schmidt Lagoon.

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Ecological Monitoring: Process and Purpose Arboretum News

Ecosystems are dynamic, with vegetation and animals changing seasonally and over long time periods. Ecological monitoring is an important scientific practice of taking systematic, repeated measurements of environmental conditions, using…

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Illustration for Uncommon Fruit event

Uncommon Fruit: An Exclusive Garden, Food + Beer Experience Arboretum News

Join Funk Factory Geuzeria and Underground Food Collective at this evening fundraiser to benefit the internationally recognized UW Arboretum.

Immerse your senses in local cuisine, Arboretum-fruited beer, and plant diversity…

National Atmospheric Deposition Program monitoring equipment

Rainwater Chemistry: What’s in Precipitation, and Why Does It Matter? Arboretum News

Chemicals are integral to human technology and enterprise. While chemicals such as ammonia, mercury, and nitrogen are also part of natural processes, they can occur at artificial levels in the…

White wild indigo

Gardening with Native Plants: Summer Begins Arboretum News

As June 2019 begins, cool wet spring conditions continue. June is Madison’s rainiest month; the long-term average monthly precipitation is 4.5 inches. The State Climatology Office cumulative precipitation graph shows…