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Skunk Cabbage Wetlands clearing

Skunk Cabbage Wetlands clearing

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Land Care Report: Skunk Cabbage Wetlands and Wingra Woods Clearing

In the eastern part of Wingra Woods, along the western edge of Arboretum Drive, a brush-clearing project is underway in a little-known management unit called Skunk Cabbage Wetlands (SCW). Just …

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Weather extremes posed challenges for the Longenecker Horticultural Gardens collection this year. The growing season started out wet, cool, and cloudy and ended dry and warm. …


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Monet Morning. Photo © Jim Stewart.

Art on View: A Sense of Wonder Wisconsin

In January and February, photographs by Jim Stewart will be on view in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery.

“A Sense of Wonder Wisconsin” features Jim Stewart’s photographs focusing on the incredible diversity …