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Faville Prairie in Jefferson County

Faville Prairie

Feature story

Faville Prairie Brush Mowing Project

In addition to the 1,200-acre property in Madison, Arboretum staff manage eleven properties throughout Wisconsin that are owned by the University of Wisconsin–Madison. These outlying properties preserve unique remnant plant …

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Curtis Prairie (Photo: Jeff Miller/UW–Madison)

Announcing Arboretum Research Fellowships

We are pleased to announce two Arboretum Research Fellowships for graduate student researchers. We are soliciting proposals that will address our mission and vision and build on a tradition that began …

Volunteers use binoculars to search for dragonflies.

Citizen Scientists Help Monitor Dragonflies at the Arboretum

How many species of dragonflies call the Arboretum home, and where do they live? What are the most common species? More than twenty budding citizen scientists gathered in May to …

Seed heads on native prairie plants

Gardening with Native Plants: Fall Changes and Winter Preparation

October brings rapid seasonal change: peak fall color and leaf drop, animals and insects going into dormancy, birds migrating from—or to—our area, seed dispersal, decreasing day length, falling temperatures, and …