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American lady butterfly on blazing-star

American lady butterfly on blazing-star

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Education Transformation: Taking Cues from a Butterfly

This spring and summer, the Arboretum education unit has been all about adaptation and transformation.  As I eagerly search for monarch eggs or caterpillars in the prairie and at home…

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Wisconsin Native Plant Garden blooming in August

Gardening with Native Plants: New Tools and Inspiration

August marks a turning point in the growing season. Summer warmth and ample rains usually continue this month, along with a few days of refreshing cool and dry air that…

Wisconsin Native Plant Garden in bloom

Reimagining Volunteer Engagement During COVID-19

A typical spring at the Arboretum brings many volunteer activities. This year, most volunteers have been on furlough since mid-March due to coronavirus. During this time, employees and volunteers are planning safe ways to resume appropriate volunteer activities and envisioning new ways to engage volunteers in conservation work.

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Marian instructs volunteers on identifying invasive species.

Marian Farrior Receives Invader Crusader Award

The Wisconsin Invasive Species Council has recognized Marian Farrior as a 2020 Invader Crusader. The awards are presented to individuals and groups for outstanding efforts in addressing issues of…