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Painted skimmer (Photo: Jean Upton)

Painted skimmer (Photo: Jean Upton)

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Dragonfly Education and Research at the Arboretum

Dragonfly citizen science began at the Arboretum in 2018 with the Dragonfly Monitoring Project. Volunteers monitor nine sites across the grounds and have submitted over 2,300 observations since then. Each…

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Monarchs on meadow blazing-star

Gardening with Native Plants: Midsummer Highlights

Our native gardens take on a summer look this month. July brings the warmest average temperatures of the year, with a peak average high of 84 degrees late in the…

Photo of Karen Oberhauser, UW–Madison Arboretum director

Director's Note, July 2022

This year’s Native Plant Sale was a huge success, thanks to the Friends of the Arboretum board, Native Plant Sale coordinator Mary Chandler, the dozens of plant sale volunteers who…

Bees with hive, detail (© K. Dohm)

Art on View: Bees, Birds, and Other Wee Beasties

“Bees, Birds, and Other Wee Beasties,” an exhibit of textile art by the Memory Cloth Circle, will be on view in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery in July and August.