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Arboretum Visitor Center in July with blooming native plants

Arboretum Visitor Center

Feature story

The Arboretum Goes Greener with Solar Panel Upgrade

As one of several initiatives to reduce its energy footprint and operate more sustainably, the Arboretum Visitor Center will get a major solar panel upgrade beginning this week.

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Portraits of 2019 Arboretum Fellows by Liz Anna Kozik

Cheers to the 2019 Arboretum Research Fellows

Last fall, the Arboretum welcomed its first cohort of Arboretum Research Fellows. With fellowship support, five graduate students conducted projects in forest ecology, wildlife ecology, public engagement in…

The sun shines through the golden-hued foliage of oak trees at the Arboretum. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Fall Visits: Road Safety, Etiquette, and Health

Fall is a busy season at the Arboretum, and this year the change of seasons comes amidst unprecedented circumstances. Being outside is more important than ever, and we care deeply…

UW–Madison Arboretum ecologist Brad Herrick displays several jumping worms. Photo: Eric Hamilton

Invasive Jumping Worms Damage U.S. Soil and Threaten Forests

What could be more 2020 than an ongoing invasion of jumping worms?

These earthworms are wriggling their way across the United States, voraciously devouring protective forest leaf litter and leaving…