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Photo: Joshua Mayer

Photo: Joshua Mayer

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A Living Legacy of Research at the Arboretum

Established on what was previously farmland, the UW–Madison Arboretum was initially a place to study the inner workings of Wisconsin’s prairies and recapture what the area’s landscape looked like before …

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Details of the four Isthmus covers for the Arboretum issue, April 19 to 25, 2018.

The Arboretum Issue of the Isthmus

This week’s Isthmus issue is about the Arboretum. The Isthmus staff delved into many aspects of the Arb to bring you stories about research, citizen science, stormwater, history, urban wildlife, and …

Osage orange in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens

Beer + Oddball Fruits

Collaboration between a beer producer and a university garden is not your typical pairing, but Levi Funk and David Stevens have been determined to make it work.

Funk, proprietor of Funk …

Osage orange tree in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens with fallen fruit on the ground.

Arboretum Brews Up Partnership to Turn Unlikely Fruits into Local Beer

Rock-hard, lumpy, and larger than a softball, pale-green Osage oranges seem to be no good for anything but a twisted ankle.

But to Levi Funk, they smelled like opportunity.

On …