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A trail through Curtis Prairie in summer leads to the Visitor Center

Curtis Prairie (Photo: Chelea Lewis / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Feature story

Wisconsin's prairies shine in late summer, from Lapham Peak to UW Arboretum

Prairies aren’t just pretty to look it and nice to walk through. They’re vital to species like American kestrels, bobolinks, sandhill cranes, eastern meadowlark, federally endangered Karner blue butterflies, bees and other pollinators.

They’re also vital to us.…

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Monarch on native prairie thistle

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Hand holding several jumping worms (Amynthas species)

Most of Wisconsin has no native earthworms. What's with that?

Plenty of Wisconsin gardeners are suffering from worm confusion.

Alarms sounded a few years ago about invasive jumping worms, ramping up the anxiety for a pastime meant to enjoy and…

Hand holding several jumping worms (Amynthas species)

What’s with These Invasive “Crazy” Worms and Why Can’t We Get Rid of Them?

Tiny, wriggling horrors are hatching right now, under our feet, across the country.

No, not the billions of Brood X cicadas emerging throughout the eastern US. I’m talking…