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Curtis Prairie (Photo: Jeff Miller/UW–Madison)

UW Arboretum begins final upgrades to stormwater management system

This spring, the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum and local municipalities will complete the final phase of improvements to stormwater management infrastructure that protects the Arboretum’s restored ecosystems and…

Monarch on swamp milkweed

Climate change is playing havoc with Mexico’s monarch butterfly migration

No one knows when millions of monarch butterflies began crisscrossing North America, spending their winters clustered on the same hillsides in Central Mexico, a…

Invasive 'Jumping' Worms Are Now Tearing Through Midwestern Forests

“The writhing worm in ecologist Brad Herrick’s hand is still fairly new in town, but it’s taken only a few years for its kind to collectively damage swaths of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Arboretum where…