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Conifer trees dot Longnecker Gardens in autumn.

Conifer trees dot Longnecker Gardens in autumn. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

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Arboretum: A Slice of Nature and Ecological History in the City

Students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are fortunate to have many places where they can escape the campus hustle and bustle and get in touch with nature.

Whether it be…

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Groups of educators and researchers brainstorm how they might work together.

Environmental Researchers, Educators "Speed Date" to Build Partnerships

At the emcee’s signal, participants flock to different tables. They quickly get down to discussing their common interests, intent on discovering whether to meet up again soon.

This is speed…

Monarch butterflies at the Madison Audubon’s Goose Pond Sanctuary in Arlington. Photo: Arlene Koziol

Floating like Butterflies

Monarch populations have rebounded after years of decline.

“What we want,” says Oberhauser, “is for the monarch numbers we’ve been seeing this summer to be the long-term average and not…

The invasive

Heat Kills Invasive Jumping Worm Cocoons, Could Help Limit Spread

New Arboretum research shows that temperatures of about 100 degrees Fahrenheit kill the cocoons of invasive jumping worms. But this is just an early step – little remains known about…