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More Woodland Wildflowers


Gray and chilly weather did not keep about a dozen of us from searching for wildflowers on Sunday afternoon, perhaps because we know how fleeting they can be. Ephemerals, …

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Prairie trillium

Woodland Wildflowers

The beautiful sunny 70-degree weather and spring wildflowers enticed 32 visitors to attend our woodland wildflower tour. We found 19 native species and a few non-natives (creeping Charlie, dandelions and scilla). …

Magnolias blooming in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens

For Love of Earth

The first and most obvious place to go on Easter Sunday’s tour was to the magnolia section of the Arboretum’s Longenecker Horticultural Gardens (LHG). In the previous few days, those …

Rattlesnake-master sprouting after a prescribed fire.


Webster’s Dictionary defines “transition” as a passage from one state to another, from one stage to another, or from one place to another. A second definition is a development or …