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Muskrat lodge near Icke Boardwalk

Muskrat lodge near Icke Boardwalk

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Winter Water

Ironically, this year’s Winter Water tour had to be shortened due to . . . well, WATER. Unseasonably warm temperatures have led to flooding on some Arboretum trails, and slipperiness …

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Turkey foraging in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens


“Phenology and keeping records slowly sensitized us to the land and our relationship with it.”—Nina Leopold Bradley

Happy New Year! Days are getting longer. Have you noticed? From January 8 …

Conifers in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens


Location: Indoors!

On Sunday, Dec 18, Mother Nature did not cooperate with my plans to lead a tour of the conifer section of Longenecker Horticultural Gardens. The air temperature hovered …

Muskrat lodge near Icke Boardwalk

Arboretum Sampler

I have a particular love for late fall through early spring at the Arboretum, because although there are no showy woodland flowers or bright prairie blooms or colorful leaves, there …