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Lead-plant in bloom

Lead-plant in bloom

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A Prairie Birthday

Aldo Leopold’s essay “A Prairie Birthday,” which gave the July 2 tour its name, is the latter of the two July pieces in A Sand County Almanac (the first one …

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Wisconsin Native Plant Garden in bloom

Curtis Prairie

Myriad splashes of bright yellow and purple flowers filled the humid air with intoxicating fragrances this sunny 77-degree afternoon. Only a few mosquitoes annoyed the nine visitors who gathered for our 1 …

Common buckthorn (Ramnus cathartica), female with unripened berries.

Prairies and Savannas on the Grady Tract

Breezy and cool—it was a great day for a hike. On our way down the wooded path to the Grady Knoll and Greene Prairie, it is hard not to notice …

White wild indigo

Curtis Prairie

“What is so rare as a day in June?”, asked the poet James Russell Lowell. “Then, if ever, come perfect days.” We had one like that on Sunday. Our hike …