In our changing world, citizen and community science play important roles in answering significant scientific questions. The growing field of citizen science depends on engaged volunteers who collect data locally to explore scientific questions across a broader region. Their contributions deepen scientific knowledge, help monitor natural systems in a time of rapid environmental change, and support findings that can inform conservation practices and policy. Citizen science volunteers of all ages also feed their own curiosity and build skills as they learn about the organisms they study and how science works. Participants often get more deeply involved in protecting and advocating for the species they study.

Citizen science is well established at the Arboretum. Key projects focus on monarch butterflies, dragonflies, birds, fungal diversity, and water quality monitoring. The Arboretum also partners with state and federal agencies, academic institutions, and nonprofit groups on programs related to our mission and research priorities. These collaborations broaden opportunities and increase learning, scientific discovery, and conservation impact.

Check out the resources available here if you are interested in learning more about local and national citizen science opportunities. The Arboretum Projects and Partner Projects pages provide general information about Arboretum-related projects and how to get involved. The Citizen Science Events page lists upcoming trainings. And see the list of additional resources below to explore more about citizen science.

Arboretum Projects

  • Journey North
  • Monarch Larva Monitoring Project
  • Dragonfly Monitoring Project
  • Fungal Diversity Project
  • Lake Wingra Chloride Springs Monitoring

Partner Projects

  • Bumble Bee Brigade
  • Bluebirds
  • eBird
  • Phenology
  • Urban Canid Project
  • Stream Health
  • Snapshot Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Frog & Toad Survey
  • Bat Monitoring

Additional Resources

Explore these other Wisconsin and national citizen science projects.

Learn more about advancing the practice of citizen science at Citizen Science Association.