bumble bee foraging on native monarda

The Visitor Center remains closed as we work through operational needs to provide safe and welcoming access for all staff, volunteers, and visitors. We anticipate it will remain closed for most of the summer. Outdoor in-person events have resumed. See event listings for outdoor and virtual events. See COVID-19 updates for current information about Arboretum operations.

For the safety, comfort, and enjoyment of attendees, we have decided to cancel the 2021 Native Gardening Conference. We carefully considered alternative virtual formats and event schedules, but the personal interaction and the garden itself are important to the NGC experience and cannot be replicated virtually. We look forward to welcoming you to an on-site, in-person conference on September 18, 2022. Look for conference information and registration in May.

“Native by Design: Gardening for a Sustainable Future” is held every September at the Arboretum. This Native Gardening Conference promotes sustainable gardening practices and use of native plants in home landscapes. Expert-led workshops inspire and inform gardeners, homeowners, and landowners to create and maintain native gardens or small-scale restorations on their own property. The program welcomes people with a range of interests and experience.

The all-day event features expert-led workshops, a keynote speaker, tours of the Wisconsin Native Plant Garden, an extensive resource packet, and ample time for Q&A. Presentations cover a wide range of topics, such as: garden design, native trees and shrubs, citizen science in your garden, garden planting and maintenance, native plants for birds, native plant identification, hardscaping, and understanding garden ecology through art.