Garden planting day at Nuestro Mundo Community School (Photo: Althea Dotzour)

Garden planting day at Nuestro Mundo Community School (Photo: Althea Dotzour)

The Earth Partnership program has a new home in the UW–Madison Department of Landscape Architecture! These pages will remain on the Arboretum website while they get settled into their new offices and transfer their online presence. EP staff contact information is in the sidebar at left.

Earth Partnership promotes native habitat restoration as a process for community learning and land stewardship.

It is our belief that learning through stewardship:

  • Improves educational opportunities for all learners
  • Builds meaningful relationships in human communities and with natural communities
  • Promotes ecological literacy
  • Takes action to heal the land
  • Strengthens resilience to environmental and climatic challenges
  • Fosters hope in young people and adults

How Earth Partnership Works

EP 10 Restoration Education Steps
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Earth Partnership collaborates with diverse communities to create vibrant outdoor learning spaces using a curriculum-based 10-step ecological restoration process (10 Steps PDF). Through facilitated relationship-building and dialogue, communities identify their shared stewardship vision and the ways EP can help make it a reality.

Teachers, informal educators, natural resource professionals, families, and students attend restoration education training institutes tailored to their communities.


To engage educators and learners of all ages and backgrounds in community-based ecological restoration for healthy environments.


For communities across the world to be actively engaged in ecological restoration that connects people to the land and each other through a commitment to stewardship.