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Illustration from the title page of "The Wonderful World of Microbes"The Wonderful World of Microbes

Written by Charlotte Francoeur, microbiology PhD student, UW–Madison
Illustrations by Lindsey Leigh

Learn about the fascinating world of microbes, their many benefits, and how they shape our lives.

The Wonderful World of Microbes is a digital zine (a small self-published magazine) about microbes and their profound influence of everything inside and around us.

The zine can be downloaded, printed, and shared freely for personal and educational use. You may use individual pages or the whole publication. The text and art are copyrighted material and author and artist should be credited when pages or the publication are used. The zine may not be sold, in part or entirely, and the illustrations may not be used for any other purpose.

The zine is available in two formats: consecutive individual pages, and booklet format (in spreads). We recommend consecutive pages unless you plan to print it and use it as a booklet. To make the booklet, print settings should be double-sided, short-edge binding, landscape mode.

Download The Wonderful World of Microbes, individual pages format (PDF)
Download The Wonderful World of Microbes, booklet format (PDF)

The publication is an outcome of a collaboration cultivated by the WISCIENCE Public Service Fellows program. This program is funded in part by the University of Wisconsin–Madison and the National Science Foundation’s Innovations in Graduate Education grant #1806908.