Art on View: Instants of Light

Ruby-throated Visitor, by Leda Robertson

Ruby-throated Visitor, by Leda Robertson

Husband and wife nature photographers share their work in the Steinhauer Trust Gallery during July and August.

Theo O’Connor and Leda Robertson are passionate about capturing “instants of light.” They share a creative adventure of capturing natural surroundings in images and transforming them through digital photography and computer enhancement. Images are often combined and enhanced for greater artistic expression. Birds, flowers, and natural landscapes from Wisconsin are predominate subjects.

Theo says of his creative vision: “I have always understood and interpreted my world in visual terms, not through the linearity of words. The ability to share with others what and how I am seeing is why I experience such a thrill with my photography. The communication that is possible through the visual form to me is staggering, and without limit. I let each encounter with my camera be a new experience – a moment of falling in love – and the joy of sharing my love with others is for me the essence of photography.”

Leda is inspired by the creative process: “Artful photography is an all-consuming passion for me. Whether I am in the field capturing images or behind the computer processing and refining them, I often have a sense of disappearing from myself into a creative flow that both captivates and delights me. Suddenly an enhanced awareness can infuse the moment, giving me a sense of direction that guides the final creation. There is a vision beyond what the body’s eyes can see, and a direction above all my conceptual thoughts – tapping into these gifts for me is the essence of what it is to be an artist.”