Art on View: Driftless Prairie Visions

“Driftless Prairie Visions,” a multimedia exhibit by the five-artist group Prairie Imaginarium, will be on view in the Arboretum Visitor Center in May and June.

The multimedia exhibit “Driftless Prairie Visions” explores plant phenology (the timing of cyclical and seasonal biological events) at a reconstructed 10-acre prairie that grows on a bluff in Sauk County, Wisconsin. The artists used data collected from the prairie to spark imagination, inspire artistic creations, and promote land stewardship.

Details from five artworks in the exhibit "Driftless Prairie Visions."
Details from five artworks in the exhibit “Driftless Prairie Visions.”

Jill Metcoff, Gigi La Budde, Karen Ellzey Wright, Peggy Timmerman, and Joni Graves analyzed and interpreted data including weekly bloom times, abundance, duration of plant species, and more. This information inspired each artist’s unique work focused on different dimensions of time – years, seasons, months, and weeks.

Visit the Driftless Prairie Visions website to learn more about the artists and the exhibit.