Art on View: Renewal Without End

Art installation in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens by Derick Wycherly

“Renewal Without End” by Derick Wycherly

Visit the southeast corner of Longenecker Horticultural Gardens to see “Renewal Without End,” an art installation by Derick Wycherly. The twenty-yard banner spans four trees native to Wisconsin: a black cherry, a shagbark hickory, and two black oaks. It was created for Winter is Alive! A Cooler World Carnival, February 12 through March 7.

Wycherly, an MFA candidate at the UW–Madison art department, says in an artist statement that “Renewal acknowledges the continued presence of the Ho-Chunk in this place, Teejop, the ancestral land of the Ho-Chunk Nation. . . . The printed imagery depicts a landscape changing. However, embedded in the landscape are stories of adaptation and continuity across cycles of time. . . . This drawing lives in the wind for one month, asking passersby to notice the structures that shape the landscape. Beyond that, reimagine the landscape by holding it up to histories of colonialism, its ongoing effects, the resiliency and ingenuity of Native peoples continually present across what is now known as Wisconsin.”

The installation process
The installation process

Winter is Alive! hopes to inspire personal reflection and environmental dialogue around climate change. Outdoor sculptures will be on display throughout Madison. Community programming will include virtual gatherings and livestream narrative and performance events.

Winter Is Alive! is presented by the City of Madison Arts Commission, Garver Events, and Sustain Dane. The project is the collective endeavor of many individuals and organizations.

—Scott Dyke, communications specialist