Arboretum Staff Receive Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Seed Project Grant for Jumping Worm Outreach

The invasive

The invasive "jumping worm" (genus Amynthas).

Seeing a need to learn more about the impact of jumping worms on native and ornamental plants commonly used in home landscapes, and then create outreach materials to share that information, Arboretum staff applied for – and received – a Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Seed Project Grant.

The outreach project will kick off this summer with a statewide survey to collect observations from the public about the effects of non-native, invasive jumping worms on the health of native and ornamental plants. Those completing the survey will be asked to participate in a follow-up virtual focus group in order to share more detailed information. Project leads Brad Herrick, Arboretum ecologist, Susan Carpenter, native plant gardener, and Susan Day, communications coordinator, will compile, analyze, and interpret the data with the goal of creating outreach materials that can be distributed to inform landowners about which plants or plant families are and are not affected by jumping worms. The Arboretum hopes this initial grant-funded project can lead to further research and outreach with gardeners, the green industryland managers, and community members interested in jumping worms.

If you would like to participate, please visit the jumping worm research study page for more information.

—Brad Herrick, ecologist

(Updated 9/27/21)