Congratulations to Graduating Student Workers

Photo collage of graduating student workers

Thank you Taylor, Emily, Ana, Justin, Blake, Claire, and Haley

Congratulations to the Arboretum student employees and volunteers who graduated with the UW–Madison class of 2020! We’d like to thank them for all their invaluable hard work and contributions—it has been a true privilege to work with each and every one of them. It gives us great hope to see these talented and compassionate graduates move forward into new adventures, academic programs, and careers. Congratulations again and best of luck!

Taylor Nicholson is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in zoology and certificates in environmental studies and photography. “Taylor tackled every project with enthusiasm and a smile. It was a pleasure to have Taylor working on fire ecology research projects for the last year.” — Christy Lowney, research specialist

Emily Snelson is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in conservation biology and environmental studies. “Over the past two years, Emily’s dedication, work ethic, and great attitude have been instrumental to the success of several jumping worm research projects.” – Brad Herrick, ecologist

Ana Komro is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis on creative writing, and Justin Senzer is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in real estate and urban land economics and a certificate in art history. “For the last two years Ana has gone above and beyond in the bookstore. Her friendly demeanor, reliability and attention to detail will make her hard to replace. Justin is very professional and hard-working, his customer-focused attitude made him a perfect fit for the bookstore.” – Katie Pfankuch, visitor center coordinator

Blake Cwynar is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in wildlife ecology and a certificate in Environmental Studies. “Blake has been an amazing addition to our ranger team this past year. He brought a breadth of knowledge about wildlife to our unit and an eagerness to help others. He has approached every project with enthusiasm and a strong work ethic.” – Stephanie Petersen, ranger

Claire Chappell is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, strategic communications track. “Claire tackled a range of communications tasks, from social media to feature writing to publication design, with a cheerful outlook and an eagerness to build her skills. It was great to have her as part of the team this year.” – Susan Day, communications coordinator

Haley Knight is graduating with a bachelor’s degree in forestry and life sciences communication. “Thanks to Haley, the volunteer program is supplied with an abundance of well-written, engaging educational materials to share with volunteers, and better connected with diverse student organizations across campus.” – Judy Kingsbury, volunteer program coordinator