Spring Tonic – UW Art Student Sculpture Exhibition


The Arboretum will be the host for a site-specific art show by the UW Art Department’s Advance Sculpture class, taught by professor Aris Georgiades. The art students will install seven sculptures in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens during the week of April 27. The exhibition will be part of the garden landscape from May 1 to 7. Each artist uses the natural landscape of the Arboretum to create a singular piece of work that investigates how the environment interacts with the viewer.

The public is welcome to get close, gently interact, and respectfully touch. Please do not move, roughly handle, or sit, stand, or climb on any of the artwork.

Sculptures on View

Chase Boston
No Direction, 2015
Burlap, Steel, Soot

“What do vessels contain and dispense? Is there any landscape left?”

Maggie Denman
Talk amongst ourselves, 2015
Plywood, Paint, Rope

This piece is a commentary on the conversations we overhear. The word bubbles represent the words being said or not said while we observe and listen to bits and pieces of conversations.

Rebecca Gongora
Arboretum Anthotypes, 2015
Watercolor Paper, Natural Plant Dyes

An anthotype is an image created using photosensitive material from plants and is exposed to direct full sunlight until the image is bleached out by the sunrays. The color remains or fades in the shadowed parts. The paper remains sensitive against such rays.

Jessica F. Becker
Making Peace With The Past, 2015

A whimsical reinterpretation of the Wisconsin landscape using line, color, and scale.

Keenan Lampe
Nothing to See Here v. II, 2015
Wood and Metal

A monumental flower that confronts the viewer with its impassive gaze, reversing the relationship between audience and object.

Chris Bott
Lapse, 2015

Lapse utilizes the sun to reveal forms in nature obscured by the distance of time.

Evan Hawkins
Gridscape, 2015
4×4 posts and rope

Gridscape is an installation which uses man made materials and geometric form to create contrast with the natural environment.