Visitor Rules and Reminders

Magnolias blooming

Magnolias blooming

Spring is a busy time of year, especially when the spectacular flowering trees bloom in Longenecker Horticultural Gardens. We’d like to take the opportunity to remind visitors about some of our rules. These are in place to protect all that lives here, help minimize human impact on the land, facilitate restoration and research efforts, and provide a peaceful, enjoyable visitor experience.

Please note the following are not allowed at the Arboretum:

  • Dogs and other pets
  • Picnics
  • Drones
  • Tree climbing
  • Sports equipment such as balls and frisbees
  • Collecting plant and animal materials
  • Hunting, target practice, or other use of weapons

A winding two-lane road passes through wetlands, prairie, woodland, and a residential neighborhood. For the safety of wildlife and all road users, we ask visitors to:

  • Drive slowly, pass walkers/bikers/cyclists with care, and be cautious around blind curves. Do not pass other cars. Do not stop in a traffic lane or park on the roadside.
  • Walk/run facing oncoming traffic. Move to the road edge when vehicles approach.
  • Cyclists give vehicles room to pass. Do not ride more than two abreast, and go to single file when it is safe for a car to pass.
  • Skateboards, longboards, inline skates, segways, etc. are not allowed on the road per university and city regulations.

Please always stay on trails. Going off trail can damage plants, nesting sites and other animal habitat, and research. Bicycles are not allowed on trails.

Personal photography is allowed, but any posed or formal photography, such as family, senior, engagement, wedding, and other portraits, taken by professional or hobby photographers, requires a photography permit.

There are countless ways to enjoy the Arboretum—explore the trails and gardens, check out educational events and volunteer opportunities, learn about citizen science. Please join us in these efforts to care for and conserve the plants, wildlife, and landscapes that make this place special, and respect the presence and experience of other visitors.

We appreciate your cooperation!