Arboretum: A Slice of Nature and Ecological History in the City

Conifer trees dot Longnecker Gardens in autumn.

Conifer trees dot Longnecker Gardens in autumn. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

Students at the University of Wisconsin–Madison are fortunate to have many places where they can escape the campus hustle and bustle and get in touch with nature.

Whether it be a bike ride down the Lakeshore Path or a rewarding run to the end of Picnic Point, Badgers have access to natural places where they can unwind and relax.

With finals on the horizon and students looking for a way to lower stress, they should be sure not to overlook the university’s incredible Arboretum. Located approximately a mile south of the heart of campus, the Arboretum offers natural areas lining the coast of Lake Wingra and is a truly unique asset.

Read the full UW News story by Alex Nerod, December 4, 2019