Bee Alert: Bumble Bees Are Struggling, but Still Alive in the UW Arboretum

Rusty-patched bumble bee on Culver's-root

Rusty-patched bumble bee on Culver's-root

“We’ve heard a lot about how habitat loss and pesticide use is affecting honey bee and monarch butterfly populations, but wild bee populations are feeling the impact as well. In March, the rusty patched bumble bee was listed as an endangered species.

“One of the places this species is still found is right here in Madison. A visiting bee expert from California found a rusty patched bumble bee at the UW Arboretum in 2010, says Susan Carpenter, a native plant gardener there. Now the organization has a group of volunteers keeping an eye out for this species, as well as the 11 other bumble bee species found on the 1,200 acres.”

Read the full Isthmus article by Julia Chechvala, July 6, 2017