Listening to Leopold

Arboretum naturalist, Kathy Miner. Photo by Bev Mazur

Arboretum naturalist, Kathy Miner. Photo by Bev Mazur

“It’s one of my favorite mornings each year. On the first Saturday in March, Kathy Miner organizes Madison Reads Leopold. All day, starting precisely at 9:30 a.m. and ending in the late afternoon, readers step up to a simple podium at the UW Arboretum Visitor Center (formerly the McKay Center) and read a passage from Aldo Leopold’s writing.

“For many years I’ve been lucky enough to get assigned Leopold’s fine essay “January Thaw,” which I read at the same time, around 9:40 a.m., each year. Then I sit back down in the audience and listen for another hour or so while others read aloud. There are no speeches. Some readers don’t even bother to introduce themselves, though you can follow along in a program. It’s just Aldo Leopold’s words washing over you.”

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