The University of Wisconsin Arboretum listed in the National Register of Historic Places

“The Wisconsin Historical Society has announced the listing of the University of Wisconsin Arboretum in Madison, Dane County, in the National Register of Historic Places . . . .

“The University of Wisconsin Arboretum is nationally significant and internationally recognized as the site of the first experiments in the ecological restoration of prairie ecological communities. The Arboretum also maintains the nation’s oldest collection of ecologically restored ecological communities including Curtis Prairie (begun 1936), Teal Pond (begun 1940), Gallistel Woods (begun 1941), Greene Prairie (begun 1943), and Wingra Woods (begun 1943).  Research and experimentation carried out at the Arboretum beginning in 1934 pioneered and refined techniques and procedures for restoring and managing many different ecological communities from Wisconsin forests, prairies, and wetlands.”

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