The Arboretum welcomes research that advances knowledge of our natural resources and helps us manage Arboretum lands. For permission to conduct multi-investigator, individual, and/or class research projects on Arboretum lands, please fill out and submit the Research Permit Request (left sidebar). Upon signing the research permit, the researcher agrees to provide data and resultant documents to the Arboretum.

Requirements and Requests

In applying for a research permit, you agree to the following:

  • Label research plots and/or structures with your name and permit number on pink flagging.
  • Help us steward the land by notifying us of any concerns that develop during the project.
  • Carry your permit in the field to inform Arboretum staff and volunteers that the work is approved.
  • If requested, participate in the annual Arboretum Research Symposium held in February.
  • For multi-year projects, submit a brief progress report—including project title, permit number, names and titles of investigators, preliminary findings, and photos of research activities—by November 1 of each year for inclusion in the Arboretum annual research report.
  • Submit all data collected from the project following the guidelines outlined in the Data Submission Requirements. Data will not be available for public use until the researcher(s) has had time to publish results.
  • At the conclusion of the project, submit a one-page summary report including project title, permit number, names and titles of investigators, final results, and a brief discussion. Send a copy and/or link to papers (peer reviewed or otherwise) and presentations that result from the work. Information from these documents may be included in the Arboretum annual research report.

For questions about research permits and to submit data and requested documents, email


Brad Herrick, Ecologist: Questions about research program.

Danielle Tanzer, Data and GIS Coordinator: Questions about data submissions, data requests, and spatial data, including GPS and GIS.