Please drive slowly. All road users should make room for others to pass. Pass with caution around blind curves. Always stay alert for wildlife.

Please drive slowly. All road users should make room for others to pass. Pass with caution around blind curves. Always stay alert for wildlife.

NOTE: Out of concern for the health of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Arboretum Visitor Center will be closed and events are cancelled through at least May 15. While spending time outdoors can be important for emotional and physical health during this challenging time, we ask all visitors to care for yourself and others by following public health recommendations. First, stay home if you feel unwell. Practice social distancing—visit only with household members and maintain social distance of at least 6 feet from others. Wash or sanitize your hands regularly. Remember that the virus could be on surfaces like benches. Those who are at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 are encouraged to take extra precautions.

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We hope you enjoy the Arboretum’s beautiful places. While you are here, please respect the following regulations. They are designed to protect visitors, plants, and wildlife—some of them endangered—as well ongoing research and landcare.

  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the Arboretum, including on the road.
  • Stay on trails, firelanes, lawn areas, or the paved road at all times. Off-trail use damages plants, animal homes, restorations, and research.
  • Bike on the paved drives only. Bicycles are not allowed on the trail system or in gardens.
  • Runners and walkers should stay on the shoulder of the paved road and face oncoming traffic.
  • The speed limit is 25 mph. Please slow down, make way for oncoming traffic, be cautious around blind curves, and stay alert for wildlife.
  • No tree climbing.
  • No hammocks, slack lines, or other weight-bearing tree attachments.
  • Ski and snowshoe only on designated trails.
  • In-line skates, roller skates, roller skis, skateboards/longboards, and Segways are prohibited throughout the Arboretum.
  • Picnics are not allowed.
  • Alcohol use is prohibited.
  • No hunting, trapping, or disturbing animals. No target practice.
  • Recreational games, radios, and portable stereos are not permitted.
  • No campfires or open flames.
  • Drones/unmanned aircraft are not allowed per University policy.
  • Collecting and removing plant and other natural materials is prohibited. Researchers may apply for a collection permit.
  • Arboretum/McCaffrey Drive is not a through street. A gate at the Visitor Center stops incoming traffic at the parking lots and remains closed except Sundays from 12 to 5 p.m.

Please also see our photography policy.

Contact the Visitor Center at (608) 263-7888 for more information about the Arboretum’s activities or to participate in restoration efforts.

The UW–Madison Arboretum road and parking lots are patrolled by the UW Police Department. Trails are monitored by Arboretum rangers and volunteer stewards.