Jim Doherty (PhD, Botany) presents at Science Day 2014

Jim Doherty (PhD, Botany) presents at Science Day 2014

Science Day: An Annual Research Symposium

Every year, we celebrate UW student research at the Arboretum by hosting presentations that help staff understand and manage Arboretum natural resources. Initiated in 2001 with six student posters and a few staff in the McKay Center basement, this event now fills the new Visitor Center auditorium and serves both professionals and the public through student talks and posters, plus a plenary speech by an invited guest. Science Day is free and open to the public.

The 2018 Science Day will be February 15, from 9 to 11:30 a.m. The symposium on current research at the Arboretum includes talks, a keynote address, and posters. The event is free and open to the public. Presenters and topics are listed below; abstracts will be available soon as a download in the sidebar at left.

2018 Talks

“The Phenology of snow”
Kim Thompson, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology

“Citizen science for invasive species monitoring: Madison’s first citywide jumping worm survey”
Carly Ziter, Department of Integrative Biology

Efficacy of using insecticide treated cotton balls to reduce tick prevalence
Jordan Mandli, Department of Entomology

Investigating tick abundance, pathogen prevalence, and small mammal communities on homeowners’ properties
Scott Larson, Department of Entomology

“Is it spring yet? Tree and shrub response to an extreme warm winter event”
Laura Ladwig, Department of Integrative Biology

Keynote: “The art and science of using tree-rings to understand Wisconsin history”
Jed Meunier, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

2018 Posters

Environmental factors affecting the presence and disappearance of the white lady’s-slipper orchid in southern Wisconsin
Andrea Weissgerber, Department of Landscape Architecture

Effect of fire intensity, seasonality, and residence time on invasive shrubs and trees
Tim Kuhman, Edgewood College Biological Sciences Department

“Effects of invasive jumping earthworms on sugar maple hydraulics at the UW Arboretum.”
Kim O’Keefe, UW–Madison Botany Department

“Uncovering the secret life of the Amynthas earthworm cocoon”
Marie Johnston, UW–Madison Arboretum