Arboretum map with suggested hiking routes marked in different colors.

Detail of winter suggested trail routes.

Arboretum rangers provide suggested quarterly hiking routes to highlight seasonal blooms and other interesting sights. Several routes per season are designed to feature different distances and regions. These maps are posted at the Visitor Center reception desk and on the information kiosk outside the Visitor Center. They can also be seen and downloaded by following the links below.

Spring trail routes (PDF) feature ephemerals and new growth in Wingra Oak Savanna (1 mile), Gallistel Woods (2 miles), and Curtis Prairie + Grady Tract (3.15 miles).

Summer trail routes (PDF) feature blooming prairie plants in Curtis Prairie (1-mile and 2-mile loops) and the Grady Tract (3 miles).

Fall trail routes (PDF) feature fall foliage in Wingra Woods (1.6 miles), a sampler loop through different areas (2.1 miles), and the Grady Tract (4.1 miles).

Winter trail routes (PDF) feature pine and other wooded areas in Noe Woods (1 mile), Big Spring, Wingra Woods, and Gallistel Woods (2 miles), and the Lost City, Gallistel Woods, Longenecker Horticultural Gardens, and Curtis Prairie (3 miles). See our Winter Trails post for more information about hiking, skiing, and snowshoeing.