The Steinhauer Trust Art Gallery is located in the hallway next to the Visitor Center auditorium. The Gallery celebrates Wisconsin’s natural heritage and the human connection to the land through visual arts by showcasing the creativity and talent of artists inspired by nature.

The gallery houses bimonthly exhibits of wall-hung art by regional artists who explore, interpret, honor, and celebrate Wisconsin’s native plants, animals, and landscapes. Watercolors, oils, pastels, photographs, and other media have been displayed.

The Gallery is open during normal visitor hours. Most items on exhibit are for sale; information about purchasing artists’ work is available in the gallery.

2021 Exhibitors

2022 Exhibitors

  • January–February: Jen Salt
  • March–April: Kristin Gjerdset
  • May–June: Jim Stewart
  • July–August: Memory Cloth Circle
  • September–October:
  • November–December:

 Information for Artists

The gallery features six exhibits per year, beginning in January; each exhibit is two months. Exhibits may feature art by individuals or a group of artists. The call for artists generally goes out by early February, with a submission deadline at beginning of April. A juried committee chooses the exhibits. Selected artists are notified by mid-May. The Arboretum asks exhibiting artists to make a suggested donation of 20% of sales.

Due to the structure of the gallery we can only display wall-hung art. The gallery is equipped with a Griplock® hanging system. Artists must have enough material to exhibit on 90 linear feet of wall space.

We work with the artists to set dates for hanging and taking down each exhibit. Artists (or their designees) are responsible for getting the artworks to the Arboretum, hanging them, and taking them down. Exhibits must be hung and removed on the agreed-upon dates. We do not have facilities to store art.